Jean Paton at the “Red Tape Ceremony,” 1989

This is a photo of Jean Paton being presented by Don Humphrey and Joe Soll with a sealed “birth certificate” at the “Red Tape Ceremony” that took place at the 1989 AAC conference in New York.  From left to right: Don Humphrey, the AAC’s legal adviser at the time; Nancy Horgan; Joe Soll, founder of AdoptionCrossroads; the ACC’s president Kate Burke, and, of course, Jean Paton.  I am greatly indebted to Joe Soll, who identified the conference location, date, and all the folks in this photo.

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  1. Laura Watkins

    Thank you, Wayne, for sharing these great photos of Jean! Your insightful comments are also much appreciated. You perfectly express my feelings about this wise, compassionate, courageous woman. Look at the faces of the people around her – they say it all.

    • Hi Laura,
      Thank you Laura very much for sharing your thoughts with me. I really appreciate responses from viewers, and heartily agree with yours.

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